Creating content for your new site

Creating Text, Audio, Video and more.


OK, you have your logo and images together and you know how you're going to organize your site but what are you going to put on those scary empty pages? Well, here are some sources you can go to for content:
brochures you have created in the past for your business
  • ads you have created in the past for your business
  • articles you have written
  • product brochures or sites for products you re-sell

Do you have a unique service and no brochures or infomation yet?
  • visit sites with similar services for ideas on what to write (don't copy them with a simple cut and paste...write it your own way)
  • get several people to interview you about your product or service. Record the interview and see which questions come up again and again. Use the answers to these as the basis for writing information. You can use others for a FAQ page.

Get several people to read your content to see if it makes sense and sounds good. Check your spelling and grammer too!


Think of how people will search for you on the internet. The terms they type in are keywords. Make sure you incorporate keywords and keyword phrases in your headings, text and links. Google has a neat tool for checking out keyword and keyword phrase usage (including suggesting some you may not have thought of). Check it out: Google Keyword Tool

Audio and Video

Use audio and video where appropriate. It can have great impact on the sales and interest your website generates. Make sure the audio and video is in an accessible format so that everyone can hear/see it. For video, the best format is flash, since most people have the flash plugin installed in their browser. Many sites are flash based so anybody who spends any time on the internet will probably have the ability to see flash video. Your video may not be in that format now but you can create a free account at and upload your video there. It will convert it for you and create an embed code that you can use to install the video, complete with a player, right on your own website. See sidebar for how to do this. An added benefit is that someone on the youtube site may find your video there as's extra exposure for you! If you don't want the youtube logo on everything get your web designer to convert your video and make a flash player for you. They may refer you to another service for this since you need speciallized software to do it. .

Audio is best as an mp3. I like using flash players to play them...but your web designer can put the code in for this. Here is a sample of a flash music player from the Lowry Olafson website (
Music sample of the song Borderland


Products that help you write copy for your new site:

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How to embed a YouTube video.

Create a free YouTube account and upload your video. It can be in almost any format. Navigate to the page it's on and copy the embed code located to the right of the video. Before you copy the code you can choose a player size and color. (see image below)

Click to enlarge.

When you have the code copied, go to your webpage and paste it in where you want it to appear. Because this is the actual code for the video you must paste it in while your webpage is showing the html code. (It wil be full of things like <br/></font> etc) For people who use a Content Management System with a word processor type editor, you may have to switch into Source Code mode before you paste.

How about a weather widget??