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A Look Unique To You
Many of our clients wish to have web sites that are totally unique to them. (You may have guessed, you're looking at a custom GS System web site right now) The GS System easily accommodates this. In fact many of our clients have existing web site designs they don't want to change but they want all the features that come with the GS System, so, we simply save their design and add the programing necessary to make it work with the GS System and presto! they have a new GS site that looks just like their old one.

Lowering Your Cost
Because most of the advanced features people ask for are already available in the GS system, the majority of the cost of creating a new custom design is spent purely on design instead of content creation or custom programing. This lowers the cost on average by about 300% (i.e. you get a $2,100 site for about $700).

It's Not Just the Cost
Aside from the cost factor, there are some other good reasons to have a GS Custom Web Site



Better Control

All GS Web Sites come with an advanced content management system that allows you to add, edit, or remove content (including pictures,and multimedia files) in less time that it would take you to tell your web developer to do it.

Multiple Color Schemes

Once the initial design is done it is normally very easy to create a variety of color schemes or themes. For example, if you would like to have a different look for your web site with each season of the year, it can be very inexpensive to have additional color schemes added. You can have custom banners created that are suited to different holidays or special events in your business too.

Build a Design Library

Once you have had your GS custom site for a while and you decide you want a new design and a new set of color schemes done, you never need to throw the old design away -- we keep it in the library of available layouts so it's always there and can be reused at any time. In this way, over time, you can build a library of custom site designs that you can use anytime you like.

Easy change over

Changing to a new layout or color scheme in the GS System is instant. It just takes a mouse click to change the look of your entire site without worrying about loosing any of the information on the site. 

Requesting a Custom Design
When you request a custom design, we will interview you either in person or over the phone to talk about what you want your site to do, what features you will need and what the look and "feel" of your site should be. We'll also ask you for the web site addresses of some sites you really like so we can get an idea of your taste. If you can have a list of these ready before the interview it will be most helpful.

Quoting A Price
In most cases we can give you a firm quote on your initial call but there are times when we'll need to do some research before we commit to a price.

The Design Process
Once we have a design for you to look at we'll email you a .jpg snap shot of the design. You can then tell us what you like or don't like. We'll make the appropriate changes and email the revised design back to you for your approval.  This process can be done up to 4 times without incurring additional cost.

Contact Us
If you are considering have a new web site designed, please drop us a note at or call us during business hours (9:00 am - 5:00 pm Mon-Fri Pacific) in Victoria at (250) 881-5099.