Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Sites

These sites come fully loaded and ready to go. Choose to have rates auto-updated or update them yourself. Lots of reports, calculators and useful information. Use what you want and/or add your own content. 


Pricing is simple:

  • $0.00 Set-up fee
  • $0.00 Design fee
  • $0.00 Updates
  • $0.00 Basic Tech Support
  • $29.95 per month hosting (plus applicable taxes)
    - or -
  • $323.00 per year hosting (plus applicable taxes)


How to get your new GS Web Site started.

Assisted Setup - (This Service is FREE)
We have found most of our clients like to talk to a live person that will give them a hand setting up their web site. If this describes you give us a call during business hours (9:00am - 5:00pm Pacific - Mon - Fri ) in Victoria (250) 881-5099 or call and leave us a message with the best time to call back and we will set your site up for you.