Real Estate Sites

GS Web Sites (created by represents a revolution in the way we think about building and maintaining web sites.

Most of the features our clients ask for have already been built. Why spend thousands of dollars for your web developer to custom build something that already exists? We have created a system that allows you to access these features with a mouse click, at little or no cost, and set them up so that they are extremely easy-to-use.

Setup Costs
Setup costs vary from $0.00 (if you use one of our predefined layouts) to an average cost of about $1000 for a custom design (the cost of custom site design will vary depending on what you want).

To put this in perspective, we have one client who wanted a custom web site with some advanced features. He contacted several other reputable web development companies and had quotes ranging from $6,000 to $10,000. He came to us and was incredulous to discover he could have a custom designed site with all the features he wanted, plus a few more, for under $1200.  

How is it done? Well, it's really very simple... since the features are already built and ready to go, so the cost of your site setup is in the design - creating the graphics and the overall look of the site - not expensive content creation or custom programming.

What About Content Creation?
Most of the content you will want for your custom designed Real Estate web site has already been created. A place to display your listings, Buyer's Reports, Sellers Reports, Mortgage Calculators, Currency Converters, Market Evaluation Forms, Property Search Request forms, Online Resources etc... have already been created and are automatically included when your site is set up.

Personal information such as your bio, and any other information that is unique to you will need to be added by you. Where real estate boards permit access to their listing database, we will provide automated listing updates as well as any other automated features allowed under the rules set out by your board.

Making your Site Unique
Whether you use one of our pre-designed layouts or you have a site custom designed, you get to pick what combination of pre-developed content and your own custom content you want to use in your web site. This way you can make your web site unique to you, with information, site navigation and page content that is customized just for you.

Fast Setup
From time-to-time we talk to a real estate professional who will say "I know I need a web site but I just don't have the time right now to devote to having one built" When you use the GS Real Estate Web Site system we only need a few minutes of your time to get all the information needed to build a usable web site.  In fact if you use one of our pre-designed layouts your site can be set up and running in minutes.

The GS Real Estate System not only gives you a great looking web site that can help generate more business ... it also comes with tools to help you be more effective in your marketing and provide more services to your clients. Our newsletter creator and the Automated Contact Email system are examples of tools we provide.

Google Maps
The system is fully integrated with Google Maps so you can display listings as push-pins on a map or satellite photo if you wish.

Monthly Charges
The monthly charges vary from $29.95 per month to $69.95 per month, depending on what features you use and how many pages you need. 

Form more detailed information on pricing please see the Features and Pricing page.