Webmyway Sites

Looking for a site that is loaded with information and ready-to-go with minimum work and investment? Webmyway.ca provides several packages of web sites that are ready to go right "out of the box."

Real Estate Web Sites. (now with Google Maps)

Real Estate web sites with all the bells and whistles we have been asked for over the years. Includes: Automated listing updates (where we have access to the real estate board's database), Automated searches, lead generating tools, and lots of available content that has already been created for you.  

Use a pre-designed layout and avoid all set-up costs or have a site custom built to your specifications for far less than you might think. The webmyway.ca GS Real Estate System comes packed with features to make your online marketing efforts faster, easier and more cost effective. 

Mortgage Broker Web Sites

These sites come fully loaded and ready to go. Choose to have rates auto updated or update them yourself. Lots of reports, calculators and useful information. Use what you want and/or add your own content. 

Property Management Web Sites

Property management web sites with all the features of our regular web sites plus all the tools you need to manage your rental inventory online. Includes online vacancy search system as well as a GOOGLE maps enabled property locator feature.

Brochure Web Sites

Brochure web sites are a perfect way to create a web presence and post information about your company or business. These may include text, pictures, photo albums, audio, video, simple (unsecure) response forms, pdf files and newsletters.

Because of the low cost of brochure sites (starting at $10.00 per month with FREE setup) many clients use this feature to set up family web sites to post pictures and news about their families.

Semi-custom site designs for our Brochure Sites start as low as $100.  Call us in Victoria at (250) 881-5099 and we'll do the setup for you --- no charge.

Shopping Cart Sites

If you have products you want to sell online, the GS System Advanced Online Store is a great solution. Low cost, easy to use and feature rich; it allows you to add unlimited products organized into as many categories and subcategories as you want.

GS System's Advanced Online Store is set up to interface directly with PayPal. It also allows you to accept credit card orders if you have your own merchant account.